Terrence Southern Keynotes 11/10 LEAD Conference

Terrence Southern





iLLUMINATE S.T.E.M. Founder and robotics engineer Terrence Southern will kick off the November LEAD conference with expert advice on how historically black colleges and universities can best take advantage of their position as the nation’s top resource for providing skilled, diverse talent.

Can you Hear me Now? HBCUs are Network Providers in a 21st Century Workforce

In the age of information and technology, Millennials have the world, and its contacts, at their fingertips. In this session, Terrence Southern will lend expert advice on how to reach back to historically black colleges and universities and build networks through mentorship, sponsorship and active partnership. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) remain the nation’s top resource for diverse and competitive talent, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math career fields. Southern will not only propose ways to further develop the value proposition of HBCUs, but also develop the pipeline resources for talent through cross-network and cross-generational network building.

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About Terrence Southern

Terrence Southern is a nationally recognized leader in the field of Robotic & Automation Engineering.  After earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Tennessee State University (Nashville, TN) in 2003, he started his career at General Motors as a Robotics Project Manager.  Throughout Southern’s 15-year career, he was worked for multiple Fortune 100 companies influencing the innovation and future of robotics. Read more…

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