Re-invent Your Institution for Success in an Uncertain Economy Series

By Kim Cliett Long, Ed.D. Part 1: Lessons Learned During COVID-19 As the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has expanded across the United States, it became increasingly apparent that institutional closures were imminent. Even campuses that didn’t have active cases of the virus shut down their in-person classes as the virus spread across the country. Early closures included larger universities such as … Read More

First Generation African American College Students: A Qualitative Analysis of Barriers That Impact Graduation

Gentlemen Graduating

By Dr. Shewanna Talley Higher education opens the door for individuals around the world.  College preparation and readiness can be an easy or challenging process, depending on the individual.  First-generation African American college students often face challenges when preparing for and attending college (Yue, Rico, Vang, & Giuffrida, 2018).  First-generation African American college students lack the resources and support that … Read More

Prepare for the Cloud

Universities and technology

Technology is changing rapidly, and many software providers are phasing out their on-premise solutions. Manoj Krishan of Huron Consulting shares some of the challenges faced by organizations – especially colleges and universities – in his article entitled Prepare for the Cloud: Your Operating Model Must Change.  An Introduction to Huron Consulting  

A Successful Enrollment Partnership

The last five years have introduced significant volatility and uncertainty to what had been a reasonably stable enrollment environment. As a result, enrollment managers face increasing challenges in recruiting and enrolling the most appropriate students to shape a class that meets the institution’s needs and goals. Equally troubling, the dynamic and rapidly changing elements of the competitive enrollment landscape are difficult both to monitor and … Read More

Student Attainment Rates by Race and Ethnicity

The National Student Clearinghouse recently released a new report that captures more segmented data than has been previously available. The report, completed in partnership with the Lumina Foundation, tracked students from 2010 through 2016. In addition to tracking race and ethnicity, the data looks at type of college (4-year vs. 2-year), course load per semester, and transfer status (i.e., did … Read More

Campaign encourages adults to finish education

ASHLEY SLOBODA | The Journal Gazette Balancing responsibilities Learn More Indiana offers these tips for adults who attend school while working. Be organized: Find a dedicated place to keep schoolwork, and keep a schedule with absolute deadlines, meetings and classes. Keep work and school separate. Be flexible: Fill time between classes with studying or try to work through lunches. Unexpected … Read More

Make Your HBCU’s Website an Enrollment Magnet

By Andrea Ferguson, President of HBCUgrow partner AndiSites Inc. The good news is that enrollment is increasing at some HBCUs. The reasons, however, are far from ideal. More than ever, it’s important that HBCUs present themselves as spaces that aren’t just more comfortable for students who feel uncertain about other institutions, but as places they would choose regardless. Among other strengths and offerings, … Read More

Career Pathways with Stackable Credentials

Dr. Kim Cliett Long

By Kim Cliett Long, Ed.D., Associate Provost for Administration and Extended Education Professor of Organizational Management at Wiley College Higher education institutions seeking to increase enrollments, especially online, would do well to focus on adults. National Center for Education Statistics projections of higher education enrollment from 2007–2018 suggest that the number of students over twenty-five will remain stable or increase … Read More

A Graduation Story & Marketing Your University

By David W. Hoard, CEO, DHT Associates I enjoy graduations and in particular those at HBCUs. There are always fascinating graduation stories as these real life stories make the whole question of whether HBCUs are relevant a moot point. I have been a senior administrator at various HBCUs over my career and helped numerous students. When I left Jackson State … Read More