What is HBCUgrow?

HBCUgrow is a consortium of people dedicated to helping HBCU’s grow enrollment and alumni giving, and tackle the changing landscape of marketing challenges. HBCUgrow helps by offering:

  • A community of like-minded professionals
  • Sharing of knowledge to help you grow
  • Conferences and events for enrollment management, alumni engagement and marketing
  • Awards that recognize excellence and achievement

Our goal is to educate and inspire HBCUs to grow. We’ve seen the challenges, have lived them first-hand, and have developed campaigns that helped the largest HBCU and the fastest growing HBCU in the country. Knowledge is power.

Join our HBCUgrow LinkedIn group to ask questions and share your successes. Talk about your failures, too, and what we can all learn from them. Visit the HBCUgrow website to read great articles with how-to tips and success stories. Attend conferences and events to learn from experts and your peers. And join us in recognizing other HBCUs as they grow.

HBCUgrow was born out of a partnership of three companies who have worked well together for years. vitalink, AndiSites and Universal saw a need and developed an integrated option to deliver growth services to HBCUs. We have a true partnership. We “get” each other and understand what you need. HBCUgrow has now surpassed sharing knowledge and offering services where there is a good fit. We have invited HBCU consultants on board with years of experience to share. And now we have added the free community on LinkedIn and low cost educational conferences.

For those who have similar philosophies and are looking for help, we offer growth services in the areas of marketing, research, branding, strategic planning, automated campaign management, responsive websites, advancement consulting services, and others (Menu of services brochure). Contact us today to learn more by emailing us or calling 919.850.0605.