Welcome, Cymone Baker!

Cymone Baker is a senior at Bennett College and is interning with vitalink as an event planning/marketing intern for our HBCUgrow conference. We asked her to tell us a little about herself:

Intern Cymone B.My name is Cymone Baker. I am in my senior year at Bennett College, majoring in Arts Management, with a minor in Journalism & Media Studies. I am from Sacramento, CA. I am very interested in broadcasting, as far as becoming an on air personality. I am a social butterfly and any way I can encourage another person by my personality, then I delight in doing so. I spend a lot of my time volunteering in my community with children. I work for Black Child Development through the Guilford County School District, and I also volunteer with the African American Atelier through their Saturday Enrichment Workshop with the children there.

I am very active on my campus. I am a part of The Bennett College Choir and have served on the executive board as the music librarian. I was a part of student ambassadors, and I was my dormitory hall queen, Ms. Player Hall for 2015-2016. I spearhead Belles in Motion which is a series of interviews that I conduct with alumnae of the college who have became successful. I also am a part of the radio club on my campus called Belle Air Radio. I have had the pleasure of interning at SiriusXM radio in Washington DC last spring as a classical programmer. I was able to meet different celebrities, write radio liners for them, write interview questions, and help with sound and post production. Currently, I intern with HBCUgrow and also with 102 Jamz Hip Hop Radio in Greensboro, NC.

If you’ll be at the April 8th conference in Greensboro, stop by and meet Cymone!