Session Spotlight: Driving Student Engagement

Don Bean, Universal Printing

Driving Student Engagement with Multi-Channel Marketing

Driving student enrollment starts with student engagement. Today’s potential students, like most consumers, are exposed to multiple messages every day and have a shortened attention span. So how do you make sure they hear what you have to say and, even more importantly, act on it? Takeaways from this session:

  1. The big difference between sending a message and starting a conversation
  2. If you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind
  3. What every college and university should consider in increasing enrollment

Speaker: Don Bean, Production Manager & Technology Lead, Universal Printing

Don Bean is the Production Manager/Technology Lead for Universal Printing, a minority-owned business in the Triangle of North Carolina. Formerly Art Director for Universal Printing’s award-winning Art Department, Don has gone on to head many initiatives, including Universal’s “Rethink” campaign, social media marketing, upGreen and upSecure initiatives, and many more. Read the full bio